Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Girls Camp- Lyman Lake- June 2012

 Most beautiful view of Lyman Lake
 Every year we see how many people we can get to jump in the freezing cold lake with us....
 Some chose to go canoeing instead

 First Brave Jumper



 This year we had about 14 people jump in from our ward alone....it felt so good!

 Solo Time- Writing in Journals
 Rodeo Fun- Races

 Milking the Cows
 Hat Toss
 Marshmallow Shooting....I got Mackenzie pretty good!

 Rope Course representing our Life Line and what we need in order to get to the end...

 Another Course representing our friends and family who are there to catch us if we fall!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE GIRLS CAMP. I hope I get to go for many more years to come!

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